Character Education: Respect / September 2015

During the month of September our focus character trait was respect. Students have learned respect through of variety of experiences at our schools this month.

Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Our students in the middle school traveled to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize, while there one of the students noticed that an artist’s work was tipped over and he stopped to reset the pots. Thank you, for not only showing responsibility, but for being respectful of the artist and their work!

Three Oaks Public School Academy

First graders showed respect by creating a piece of artwork in remembrance of the lives lost on 9-11. The artwork was created out of a heart and decorated with stars and stripes representing the USA. In the center, they then put two black rectangles representing the twin towers with 9 on one and 11 on one. We put these on our lockers to remind others to respect this day and the lives lost.