Three Oaks Public School Academy Receives Athletic Gear and Supplies for all their Female Students from SHEFIT

MUSKEGON, MICH. – SHEFIT donated 150 pieces of athletic gear and personal items to Three Oaks Public School Academy, a K-5 school in Muskegon, on Wednesday, October 17. The company is Michigan-based but sells sports bras and athletic gear to customers around the world.

The donation from SHEFIT is truly transformational for our students. Every single one of our female students received a piece of athletic gear and we couldn’t be more thankful for their support.

-Principal Monecia Vasbinder

SHEFIT believes in empowering all girls and women, no matter what their age, shape, ability or background, which aligns perfectly with the mission of Three Oaks.

When we learned Three Oaks had the mission to provide all Muskegon-area students the opportunity to engage and empower learners, we knew we wanted to support them.

-Rachel Van Tuinen, director of special operations at SHEFIT

SHEFIT hopes their donation removes some barriers that students might face to attend school, including wearing the right gear and personal items.

We really hope our donation empowers girls at the school to become leaders in their community.

-Van Tuinen


About Three Oaks Public School Academy
Three Oaks Public School Academy is a tuition-free Kindergarten through fifth-grade public school located in Muskegon. For more information, contact our school office at (231) 767-3365, visit our website at, or find us on Facebook.


SHEFIT’s mission is to support women. We’re exceptional the way we are. We deserve essential gear that rises to the occasion. With unparalleled support and comfort, we can finally move the way we were born to. Visit or email to learn more.