CMA Teacher Spotlight


Kelly Kieselbach is a kindergarten teacher at Creative Montessori Academy.

What keeps your students aiming for success in the classroom?
“My students keep aiming for success through the genius of the Montessori materials. They are naturally appealing to the children, self-correcting and multi-sensory.”

How do you remind your students of the expectations you have?
“My students are reminded of expectations through role-playing and practice.”

Your students seem to take an active part in the classroom. In what ways are they active in their learning?
“Students are naturally active in a Montessori classroom. The Montessori environment meets their need for movement.”

With such independent students, how do you incorporate teamwork into your classroom?
“We incorporate teamwork through the lessons of character education.”

In what ways do you build a family-like atmosphere in your classroom?
“A family-like environment is possible by putting students in the role of teachers and encouraging them to have respect for everyone.”

What’s the “secret ingredient”?
“The secret ingredient is a balanced classroom where the cornerstone is always respect.”

How do you keep your students interested in learning?
“The students are very interested in learning in the Montessori environment. It is a child-centered environment where children can choose work based on their own interests. New work is presented on a daily basis.”

How are creativity and innovative thinking used on a daily basis in your classroom?
“Montessori defined creativity as the re-combination of known elements. Children are allowed to freely explore and  use the materials in a variety of ways in our classroom.”