Choice Schools Associates Awards Scholarship to Seniors

Choice Awards Scholarships to Seniors - Picture of Samantha Oscario with her scholarship from Choice Schools Associates

Choice Schools awards thousands of scholarships to students who attend their charter charter schools. 


Since we opened our doors to serve schools nearly 24 years ago, we have given back. This year is no different. Across our 16 unique schools lie 16 incredible communities full of families, students, board members, community leaders and more. From open houses and first days, to field trips and graduations, none of this could be possible without every member of our community. We give back in any way we can, and a big part of that is awarding graduates from our schools with scholarships as they look to further their education.


As our schools wrap up the 2021-2022 school year, graduating seniors from Grand Rapids to Southfield are being awarded the Thrive Scholarship for their dedication to their studies. Those students have overcome personal challenges, have been accepted into a college or university, and most importantly, have demonstrated positive character traits throughout their educational experience.


This year, we awarded scholarships to one senior from each high school in our Choice Community with the Thrive Scholarship. 


One such winner this year is Samantha Rodriguez-Osorio of West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. She is not only a knockout student, but a perfect example of what it means to thrive in one of our communities.


Samantha said the following about her time at WMAES, “My time spent at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science provided not only academic excellence, but also meaningful relationships that have impacted who I am today. The school has taught me so much about not only striving through academic achievement, but also how to push myself to become a better person for myself and those around me.”


It is always a joy to see our schools’ graduates walk across the stage, but it’s a bigger joy to see the impact our students have beyond the classroom. As an educational service provider, our job at Choice Schools Associates is never truly done. Every year is another chance to inspire greatness in our students, and as we celebrate our graduates and look forward to a busy summer break, we hope you too can see that greatness.


For our families finishing their journey with us this year, congratulations on finishing what is often the most important part of a child’s life, and for those who are coming back this Fall, stay tuned and enjoy your Summer! For more information on our Summer happenings and school communities, follow us on our social media, and subscribe to our blog.