Benton Harbor 7th Graders Capturing Sharks

7th graders at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy are developing business plans with their business startup mentors to present to THE SHARKS in June.  The Sharks really are coming!

Mentors are volunteers from Whirlpool Corporation, United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Mosaic CCDA.  Alloyd Blackmon of Whirlpool is coordinating the mentors who are paired up with a 7th grader to develop his or her business plan and presentation to the Sharks.  The Shark Tank Project will be conducted in the summer 2017 and throughout the student’s 8th-grade year at BHCSA.

Sharks will award $100 to all successful 7th graders as startup funds for their businesses.  Each new entrepreneur will establish his and her business with the assistance of a mentor consistent with the business plan and experience.  Each student will have a bank account to manage all business transactions and will prepare a monthly report that includes the bank statement and status report of the business plan.  A student may seek more than $100 with the Shark Tank Project having an equity interest in the project for future entrepreneurial projects.

Seed funding for the Shark Tank program is provided by Sidney L. Faucette.  The Benton Harbor Charter School Academy Board of Directors fully supports the Shark Tank Project and it appreciates the good will of community mentors to assist our 7th graders.   Our goal is for at least five of our 7th graders to have thriving businesses upon high school graduation.

“Our students need more than educators to make their dreams come true.  They need someone who will champion their dreams and Whirlpool is able to provide that for them through this mentorship business program,” explained BHCSA Principal Tim Harris.

Anyone interested in the Shark Tank Project for 7th graders may contact Sid Faucette at for information on the project.  Businesses and individuals interested in financial assistance to the Shark Tank Project are encouraged to contact Sid Faucette or Tim Harris. BHCSA is preparing its graduates to be business owners of the future.


Benton Harbor Charter School Academy is a free public school that teaches each child as an individual and who is proudly managed by Choice Schools Associates.  We serve children in grades preschool through eighth grade in the Benton Harbor, MI area. The classes are small so the teacher has the chance to work one-on-one with the students. Discipline is strict so parents know children learn in a safe environment. The academic standards are set high so children can feel the challenge to reach their highest potential.