School Spotlight: Bradford Academy – Middle School

Bradford Academy:

Students Served: 1500+
Grades Served: Pre-K – 12th Grade
Year Established:  2003
Middle School Principal: Oronde Kearney

Board Members:

Hriday Prasad
Mark Baughman
Dylan Luna
Lee Caldwell
Theresa Vaughn


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Part II: Bradford Middle School

In this special three-part series, Bradford Academy is being featured as the May/June school spotlight story. Each article part will focus on initiatives and achievements made primarily by the specified Bradford school, as well as the school in its entirety.

Bradford Academy Middle School is a collaborative and supportive academy that values the relationships among staff, students, parents, and the community. As part of the bridging of students between their elementary and high school years, Bradford Middle School teachers bring a positive energy in the classroom, leading to a greater love for learning and a pursuit of a deeper understanding of the material.

Building Community
Building and maintaining community within the middle school is key to the success of staff and students. Bradford Middle School staff play an instrumental role in building a positive rapport with parents and students. By showing that students are important, cared for, and given choices in their education, they are intentionally taught responsibility and a love for learning in the process. This process also carries over for parents. Bradford Middle School makes it a priority to ensure that parents are involved in their child’s learning process, as this building of community allows parents to recognize the positive impact Bradford Middle School is having on their child.

Bradford Academy’s middle school is filled with authentic, challenging, joyful, and impactful experiences, all adding to the authentic learning that is offered at Bradford. This year, EngageNY has been implemented throughout the K-8 building. By adding this curriculum, students will not only be better prepared for high school and college, but also for the global marketplace.



[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”20″]At Bradford Middle School, “students are able to make significant academic gains with supportive staff and teachers,” states Oronde Kearney, Middle School Principal. “Staff and teachers always seek to improve by collaborating and challenging our students to higher levels,” Kearney resumes. [/perfectpullquote]

While Bradford Middle School is as much a part of Bradford Academy as the elementary and high school, it truly is a unique and vast growing stage for students. Bradford Middle School staff go that extra step to ensure they are maintaining that interest students have while grasping their attention with valuable and interesting lessons.

How Bradford educators motivate their students to learn…

Paul Jacobs, 8th Grade teacher at Bradford Academy

What keeps your students aiming for success in the classroom?

I keep students aiming for success by impressing on them the need to accomplish their goals in high school and beyond for college. As an 8th grade team, we believe it is our job to prepare our kids to succeed in high school, and starting out on a good foot when they enter is crucial.

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