Alumni Pays It Forward For Other Charter School Students

Samantha Rodriguez-Osorio holding certificate at graduation

After receiving thousands of scholarship dollars to attend her dream college Samantha Rodriguez-Osorio, alumni from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, was eager and prepared to launch into the next phase of her educational journey. Sam is intelligent, bright, and caring – all she needed was to find a support group as she had at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. When she arrived on campus, she partnered with the Central Michigan University Charter School Office to help create a mentorship program where charter school graduates can connect and navigate adjusting to a larger school setting together.

My time spent at WMAES provided not only academic excellence but also meaningful relationships that have impacted who I am today. The school has taught me so much about how important it is to help others along the way.

We hope Sam’s story reminds you how valuable paying it forward is within your community. On this Giving Tuesday, thank you for giving your time, energy and resources to our students every day. You are a beacon of light for your communities, parents, students, teachers and staff.