Celebrating 5 Year Anniversaries At Choice Schools Associates 2024

celebrating our 5 year anniversaries

This week is Staff Appreciation Week and as we celebrate all our incredible employees, we want to share a special shout out to all those who are celebrating 5 years working at Choice Schools Associates. We are incredibly grateful for their passion and devotion to their schools each and every day! We are honored to support these champions who know, love and inspire their communities! Scroll to see all names of our wonderful staff who are celebrating anniversaries with us, and be sure to give a shout-out to anyone you know!

Battle Creek Montessori Academy
Joselyn Davis

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy:
Elizabeth Brautigan
Molly Domitrovich
Toree Harris
Sean Wright

Bradford Academy
Robert Dixon
Diane Gresham
Derrick Hale
Maurice Jenkins
Sherry Lowe
Annetta Williams
Greg Pollak
Kiara Vanover 

Creative Montessori Academy
Amos Martin
Jennifer Rojas
Carla Winbush

Dove Academy of Detroit
Shaun Caine
David Lightfoot
Colleen Price
Latosha Stewart

Four Corners Montessori Academy
Dwayne Albright
Samuel Ripley

Ivywood Classical Academy
Amanda Adkins
Marcy (Christy) Brose
Kayla Cruthers
Melissa Knutsen
Amy Ostella
Paula Parsons
Shelby Radziewicz
Laura Steffes
Laura Woodall

Livingston Classical Academy
Bonnie Blum
Tanya Davidson
Maria Foster
Lisa Gillon
Geralyn Gullet
Christian Kreiger
Allison Park
Sally Urbaniak
Shannon Waldecker
Niki Werden

Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change
Deb Dykhouse
Brenda Robinson

New Branches Charter Academy
Katarina Fenn Hernandez
Kayleigh Graves
Dustie Lange
Tarika Macias

Three Oaks Public School Academy
Dalana Jackson
Bridgette Knox
Andre McClanahan

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science
Rhiannon Brown
Kimberlie Fillmore
Diana Gates
Amanda Gonzales
Amanda Miller
Kathy Naber 

Will Carleton Academy
Janet Whalen
Julie Conrad