Choice Serves 2022 – Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Earlier this summer, around 25 central office staff members participated in our annual Choice Serves Day, an initiative that Choice Schools started to give back to our school communities. We work closely with our schools, and this is one way to show that partnership as we work to get buildings ready for students’ first days. It is a joy to partner with our schools and we are always excited for this day!


This year, we went to Benton Harbor Charter School Academy in Benton Harbor. Different groups of people worked on various projects around the school such as weeding the flowerbeds, cleaning the walls, re-painting bathroom stalls, and preparing goodie bags for incoming teachers.

Photo of Choice Schools Associates Central Office staff members posing during the 2022 Choice Serves event at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Choice Schools Chief of Staff, Caryn Slater said, “It was truly a pleasure to be able to work with my hands in a school that is near and dear to my heart. I truly hope that the staff and students find joy in the work that we did.”


We look forward to continuing to serve our schools all year long, and are grateful for the opportunity to partner for the success of these kids.


Benton Harbor Charter School Academy’s Area Superintendent Laura Moellering said, “I believe in our kids–I’ve met too many of them and had too many conversations with them to know that they have everything in them already to be great, they just need others to believe it too. Thank you for believing in them too.”

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