Highlights from Our Annual School Leaders Retreat

The “Your School. Your Team. Your Mission.” theme served as a powerful reset as we launched into the 23/24 school year. At Choice Schools annual gathering of school leaders, we kicked off the retreat by celebrating this past school year and sharing experiences that taught us important lessons that we were able to grow and learn from. 

Then, we transitioned to a session that encouraged our principals to introspect and revisit the foundations of their respective schools. We focused on “Your School” – what do you want your school to look like, be rooted in, and the impact they would like their school to make in their community. We then transitioned into “Your Team,” harnessing the power of teamwork as we launch into the next school year, knowing that we are all in this together. Our facilitator emphasized the power of collaboration and “winning” every day. 

Lastly, the main highlight of the retreat was an exploration of the educational missions of each school. Our school leaders left feeling with renewed perspectives, revitalized connections, and a clear focus for the upcoming school year. 

“Your School. Your Team. Your Mission.” set the tone for a retreat filled with self-reflection, teamwork, and a renewed focus on our mission – educating children! 

We are looking forward to a great 23/24 school year!