MI-HEARTSafe Schools

All of our schools are now MI-HeartSafe Schools!

In the midst of a Global pandemic, it’s safe to say that health is of major concern for the public, and for our schools. During the 2019-2020 school year all of our schools have been verified as MI HEARTSafe Schools

“Thank you for your diligence on the MI-HEARTSafe Schools project,” said Ronald Wiens, Chief Strategic Operations Officer at Choice Schools Associates. “We should all be proud of schools meeting this expectation.” 

To receive a MI HEARTSafe School designation, schools must have:

  • A written medical emergency response plan and team that can respond to an emergency during school hours and after-school activities and sports.
  • Current CPR/AED certification of at least 10 percent of staff and 50 percent of coaches, including 100 percent of head varsity coaches and P.E. staff.
  • Accessible, properly maintained and inspected AEDs with signs identifying locations.
  • Annual cardiac emergency response drills.
  • Pre-participation sports screening of all student athletes using the current physical and history form endorsed by MHSAA.

“Whether or not students and staff are in schools or are teaching and learning at a distance, it’s essential to prepare to respond to sudden cardiac emergencies,” explains State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in a recent press release. “Schools that train staff so that the schools become Michigan’s HEARTSafe schools provide an extra measure of safety for their students and staff.”

Our schools continue to excel at serving our students by ensuring we are providing a safe and healthy environment for every child that steps through our schools’ doors.