Women’s History Month/International Women’s Day at Choice Schools Associates

Happy Women's History Month from Choice Schools Associates

Women have played an important role in history and continue to be trailblazers for the young minds of today. March is a time to reflect and celebrate those women and their contributions to our nation’s history!

What is Women’s History Month and how did it start?

The celebration started in 1978 as a week-long dedication by a school district in Sonoma, California. The students came together and viewed a slideshow put together by educator Molly Murphy MacGregor. They walked away from the presentation with a new-found appreciation and deeper understanding of important figures that we still acknowledge and celebrate today. Since then, the celebration has spread across the nation and has grown to what we now recognize as National Women’s History Month.

Each year the National Women’s History Alliance designates a yearly theme for the month. This year the focus is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” This theme helps to acknowledge women from all around the world that have given both healing and hope throughout history. Now more than ever it is important to celebrate the selfless dedication of those who have worked tirelessly on the frontline throughout the pandemic and this theme helps to do just that. 

So now that we know about the history, what can we do to continue this celebration? 

As educators, we have a million resources at our fingertips. It is part of our job to instill good values and practices in our students and recognize the contributions that women have made throughout history. Check out some of these different resources and ideas you can use to celebrate Women’s History Month in the classroom:

  • Museums: Have your students showcase the background of an important female figure on a posterboard and invite your students to view their peers’ research.
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Send your students on this virtual scavenger hunt. Not only will your students be learning about women throughout history but they will be gaining valuable research skills!
  • Have a door decorating contest: Show off your students’ art skills by having them create a door poster dedicated to a historical female figure. 
  • Daily Dedication: Each day devote a few minutes to highlight a female who has made an impact on history. 
  • Use resources & get creative: Take a look at this list of amazing resources from womenshistory.org and come up with a unique way for your students to celebrate.

Share how you are celebrating Women’s History Month with marketingsupport@choiceschools.com for a chance to be recognized for the amazing work you are doing!