Benefits of Being a Teacher at a Charter School

Teaching at a public charter school is a highly rewarding experience. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the number of students enrolled in charter schools has quadrupled from 0.3 million to 1.6 million over the last 10 years.

Charter schools are receiving greater recognition as a valuable education and community resource from parents, students, and educators now more than ever before. And, This number is only continuing to grow.

Teaching in one of these schools has so many benefits to offer professionally and personally. We invite you to read further about the benefits you can expect during your educational career at a charter school!

Alternative Teaching Approaches

Teachers and students are encouraged to think outside the box in charter schools. They’re often given the chance to assess the ways they teach, and the ways they learn, to find the optimal educational process.

Thus, by trying different approaches and using the most effective teaching methods, charter schools are better able to develop long-term success compared to public schools, which have to comply with rigid teaching approaches.

School of Choice

Parents of charter school students are often looking for an alternative to traditional education for their child, and choose to send them to a particular school for specific reasons. They are often very invested in their educational success. This can be an educator’s dream! Students, parents, and teachers alike are working together in a way never experienced before in the traditional public school system.

Parents also have a say in the curriculum their child learns from. In fact, they are a crucial part of the plan to help their child succeed. This is an exciting prospect with the opportunity for incredible results. Teaching has no limits when parents are a bigger part of the plan. 

These parents likely do a lot of research on the spectrum of educational opportunities available to their children, and they have strong intentions when they choose to enroll them in a particular charter school. 

A higher level of parental intentionality at the school benefits everybody. Parents truly understand the value of an educator’s role in this setting, which means that teachers should never be looked down upon or taken for granted. Teachers get the emotional and moral support that they need in order to perform their jobs optimally.

Smaller Classrooms 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and common experience, large class sizes can be a problem in some schools. Charter schools typically have a lower student to teacher ratio, which makes it one of the primary reasons to work at a charter school. Teaching benefits from smaller class sizes.

Smaller class size means that you can give each student more individualized attention. It also reduces your workload and stress levels when there are fewer students to be responsible for. In a classroom with less students, you’ll likely be able to provide more accommodating instruction than you would in the typical public school.

It’s also more conducive to delve into complex projects and have more fun throughout the learning process in this setting!

Charter school teachers generally report that they feel safer working in a smaller environment, love their small class sizes, and experience great morale among their colleagues.

Rigorous Curriculums 

Charter schools offer deviations from the standard in curriculum design and management. This will provide a different educational experience than what most traditional public schools offer.

Because they are publicly funded, charter schools must still follow every regulation that applies to public schools – but in addition to those laws, they are also held accountable by their authorizer. Failing to meet academic expectations can lead to a loss of their district charter, as well as decreased enrollment and poor parental approval. 

This increased accountability ensures that charter schools fulfill every aspect of their educational responsibility, and keep their standards high.

Employment Opportunities – Choice Schools 

We have been supporting charter school boards, focusing on students first and providing better education solutions since 1998.

As the third-largest education service provider serving charter schools, Choice Schools Associates’ culture is driven by putting students first, expecting greatness and teamwork. 

Our vision is rooted in people – the people we employ, the families we serve, and the students we teach. Our student-centric philosophy drives us to think smarter, focus on what is most important, and add value to each school to ensure that everyone thrives.

Choice Schools specializes in school management services such as curriculum, compliance, finance, human resources, instruction, operations, and marketing. We meet the need for education solutions by helping charter school boards create, maintain and accelerate unique schools in their communities.

By recognizing the importance of matching student-focused education with expert education foundational support, we continue to build successful schools alongside our school boards.

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