Board Appreciation Month – The Foundation of School Strength

Board Appreciation Month Web Graphic for Choice Schools Associates

Running a school is an all-hand-on-deck job. Many are quick to think of the faces they see everyday in the building when acknowledging who keeps the place functioning smoothly. However, there are many people who may not be in the classroom daily, but play an equally crucial role in providing support to the everyday flow of the school. In fact, they are often grandparents, community members, local business owners who are constantly networking with their community to best serve their school. That’s right, our school boards!

Our school boards are groups of volunteers who are passionate about their community, and dedicated to serving children. They all have a deep passion for enhancing the education of our youth and want to provide any tools necessary for our schools to thrive. Our boards oversee the ins and outs of school operations and are able to make decisions on behalf of the school to make sure our kids have what they need to be successful. They have seamless relationships with every school leadership team and rely on the principals to advocate for the needs at the school level. The structure of our boards does not differ from many schools, but how they support the school is. Every one of our boards is equipped with diverse levels of expertise from multiple industries, which brings many perspectives to the table.

We are immensely proud of the work all our boards to to serve our kids, and recognize the dedication it takes to make ideas come to life. We encourage anyone with a passion for serving kids to look into how you can serve your school. This is your community, and is a wonderful change to pour into the future leaders, and makes your community stronger by ensuring kids have what they need. We have board openings available, and would love to see families deepen their commitment to their school by applying.

Additionally, our boards are always seeking to deepen their relationship with the families of our schools. We encourage any parents and guardians who are interested in furthering their volunteer efforts with the school to reach out to their school leader and see what opportunities are available to support. Come read with a student, support our office staff with materials, we’d be happy to see you!

Photo of the Benton Harbor Charter School Board of Directors smiling for a picture in front of the Bobcat logo in the BHCSA gymnasium. Picture of the New Branches Charter Academy Board of Directors smiling for a picture together in the staff lounge.

A picture of 3 members from the West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science smiling for a picture together at one of their meetings.