Black History Month at Our Schools

February marks Black History Month, a tradition that exists to honor the contributions of African Americans from our history, today and our future. Here are some of the ways our school communities celebrated some of our nation’s trailblazers. 

Bradford Academy High School students explored Black History in America through poetry and literature. Students were asked to share their own personal work, or highlight the works of an African-American writer, and some have been sharing their pieces during the morning announcements! 


Macomb Montessori Academy has been celebrating Black History Month with a spirit week and a trip to the Henry Ford Museum. Their students were encouraged to dress as their favorite Black public figure (athlete, entertainer or historical icon) in class. They also read quotes from African Americans and decorated their class in celebration.

Macomb Montessori Academy students decorate their classroom door in honor of black history month.                                          3 Macomb Montessori Academy students pose in the classroom as their favorite African American Historical Figures in the classroom

Macomb Montessori Academy students decorate their wall with African American icons from Martin Luther King Jr. to Rosa Parks.

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy is also celebrating Black History this month with an upcoming event highlighting black excellence in their community. They are inviting local leaders, business owners and role models from Benton Harbor to speak to their students to empower the youth of the community to become leaders in their future!

It is thoughtful projects like these that offer students the opportunity to show vulnerability, gain confidence and make their voices heard throughout the school. Moments like these matter. Thank you to our educators for empowering students to feel engaged and find their passion!