Share the Love this February

February brings Valentine’s Day, which is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for your colleagues and students. We have come up with six ways for you to share the love, promote kindness and bring joy this month.

Here are six ways to share the love this February.

1.Send a Valentine Gram. – You are a member of the Choice network, along with nearly 800 fellow teachers, educators and leaders. Share your appreciation by sending a colleague a valentine gram. Click here to fill out the form by 2/13.

2.Here’s the scoop. – During the month of February, challenge students to share the love. Your school’s social media reporters will be on the lookout for students who show appreciation by posting videos and pictures.

3. Write a love letter. – Leave your school a Facebook review to share how much you love working there. Extra bonus, leave Choice a review too.

4. Share your story about your sweetie. – Do you and your partner work at Choice? If so, share your love story with us like Thomas Gray and Kaylee Bruckner-Gray who met at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy.

5. Be a community sweetheart. – Show love by living our values. During the next few weeks, we will be highlighting members of our school community who are living out our values.

6. School challenge.  – Hold a school challenge about spreading kindness and love. The annual Random Acts of Kindness week is February 18-22. Spread joy through the school and community with daily challenges found here.