Celebrating Montessori Education Week

Montessori Education Week

Montessori Education Week celebrates a philosophy that fosters exploration, empowerment and independence. The last week of February honors Dr. Maria Montessori and the lasting innovation she brings to the education space today. 

In the Choice Schools Network, we have reimagined our organization’s structure into four distinct educational models: classical, environmental, Montessori, and scholar. Each model has a specific focus that unites the schools with a similar purpose. 

Our Montessori education is a child-centered approach to human development. Founded by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori Method believes in the child’s innate desire to learn and focuses on building an ideal environment where students develop global perspectives that recognize the power of peace and compassion.

Image of CMA Children studying together on the classroom floor.     

We celebrate Montessori education to spotlight how Montessori embraces the whole child from their developmental plane to their academic interests and beyond. Amanda Konopaska, our Director of Montessori Education and Development, shares, “Our schools give kids the opportunity to explore their interests, work with hands-on materials to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and most of all foster independence in the child.”

Image of 4 corners student painting a picture on the classroom floor.     Young student uses Montessori materials in the classroom by himself.

We are grateful for Battle Creek Montessori Academy, Creative Montessori Academy, Four Corners Montessori Academy and Macomb Montessori Academy who foster successful Montessori environments to reach children all throughout Michigan!