Our Hope for this School Year

Our hope for this school year…

Dear Choice Schools Colleagues and Friends, 

The 2021-22 school year has officially begun! For some of you, this could be your first year in education, for others, you might be celebrating your 40th year. This school year marks my 40th first day of school (since I started kindergarten in 1981). No matter how many years you’ve been in education, I am certain we can make this a phenomenal year.

As we journey back into the classroom, my hope for you as board members, school principals, and organization leaders is that we use this year to be resilient, nimble, and united in pursuing the educational and academic missions we’ve promised our students and families.

You have the opportunity to be the changemaker your school needs this year. Share your excitement. Challenge the status quo. Radiate pride and deeply care for your people. Now more than ever, we are longing for encouragement and compassion. Let’s all take advantage of this important time we have this year to make student-focused decisions that lead to great outcomes for kids. Our students need us more than ever.

Click on the video to hear from our school leaders what their biggest hope is for the new school year.

Bradford Academy

Mr. Tommy Brooks

“To build their confidence on their social-emotional awareness to be able to communicate how they are feeling effectively so that we can identify their needs.”

Will Carleton Academy

Mrs. Colleen Vogt

“That their academic year is filled with wonder, enjoyment, curiosity and empowerment.”

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Mr. Tim Harris

“To realize that education is the great equalizer.”

Bradford Academy

Mrs. Widad Luqman

“To have them back to see their smiling faces. For them to enjoy life for what it is.”

Thank you, leaders, for sharing these short yet impactful messages of hope!