Maintenance Team Contributes to the Foundation of Success

Day in and day out, the maintenance workers arrive early and stay late to ensure your schools are a great place to learn, teach and work. 

It’s not just the day to day tasks and endless to-do lists that make our maintenance staff part of the core of our foundation; they are a walking representation of putting kids first.Nolan Jamieson

“Although my official title is custodian, it really doesn’t fit with what I do. There are really no typical days to speak of,” Nolan Jamieson, the custodian at Muskegon Montessori of Environmental Change, said. “Even though I am not part of the teaching staff,  by helping those that are, I am helping our students.”

They mentor students, start clubs and provide a listening ear to our entire community.

“Students look to the custodial and maintenance teams for examples of personal responsibility, work ethic and perseverance,” Sarah Wildey, CEO of Choice Schools said. “It isn’t about just cleaning and repairing; it’s about creating a home away from home where kids can learn, strengthen their character and ultimately thrive.”Phillip Coleman and Gordy Hubenet

“It has become more than just a job,” Gordy Hubenet, Custodial Supervisor at New Branches Charter School Academy, said. He started four years ago thinking this was just his next job. But, it has turned out to be much more than that and he loves that he is part of kids’ lives.

The custodial and maintenance teams at each school have two primary jobs: 1. to prepare the building and grounds for safe and optimal learning and 2. to model character.

“For me, it’s about the kids that come here every day; keeping them safe and teaching life lessons is what I try to do,” said Jim Gray, the custodian at Three Oaks Public School Academy. James Gray

“When I started this job, I had no idea that I would also be considered a mentor to some of these students,” said Mr. Jim, as the kids call him. “It is truly amazing and I am humbled to serve in that capacity for students.” 

At Choice, we are grateful for their service and being part of making our communities thrive. 

Below is a list of all our maintenance workers. Make sure to give them a high-five or a thank you for all their work! 

Battle Creek Montessori Academy

  • Brad Hendrickson, Custodian

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

  • Damarco James, Custodian

Bradford Academy

  • Ken Williams, Director of Operations
  • Christopher Stanley, Custodian
  • Hillard Horn, Custodian
  • Timothy Turner, Custodian
  • Robert Moore, Custodian

Creative Montessori Academy

  • Jamie Lake, Custodian
  • Paul Thomas, Facilities Manager
  • Paula Rhodes, Custodian
  • Camron Garrison, Custodian

Dove Academy

  • Ken Williams, Director of Operations
  • Alexis Riley, Custodian

Four Corner Montessori Academy

  • Samuel Ripley, Custodian
  • Carrie Albright, Custodian
  • Dwayne Albright, Custodian

Lake Superior Academy

  • Karen Carrick, Custodian

Macomb Montessori Academy

  • Andrew Zaniewski, Custodian
  • Mitchell Muszynski, Custodian & Maintenance

Muskegon Montessori Academy of Environmental Change

  • Nolan Jamieson, Custodian

New Branches Charter Academy

  • Gordy Hubenet, Custodian Supervisor
  • Chris Frank, Custodian
  • Tim Everett, Custodian
  • Walter Smith, Custodian
  • Phillip Coleman, Parking Lot Attendant

Three Oaks Public School Academy

  • Jim Gray, Building Maintenance, Custodian Supervisor
  • Amber Davis, Custodian
  • Bridgette Knox, Custodian

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

  • Ken Gressler, Custodian
  • Christopher Montiel, Custodian
  • Jared Content, Custodian
  • Jamie Stewart, Crossing Guard

Will Carleton Academy

  • James Vincent, Custodian
  • David Duncan, Custodian