Good News – Monthly Recap

We are so proud of all of our schools, and we are so excited for this 2019-2020 school year. This past month many of our schools have shown up on many media outlets. Take a look at all the great news!

  • WMAES was featured in Mlive for having above-average SAT scores and higher subsidized lunch rates. See here.
  • WCA was featured in Mlive for being one of the top Michigan public high schools with best results on 2019 SAT. Read the article here.
  • NBCA was featured on the Maranda show to showcase the benefits of learning outside with Pine Rest. Watch the segment here.
  • Ivywood was featured in the Detroit News – A novel idea: Teach kids to love learning. Read the article here.
  • Ivywood was featured in the Plymouth Observer about the opening. See here.
  • Livingston had a visit from State Representative Ann Bollin to deliver backpacks and talk to their American government classes. See here.
  • MMAEC had Maranda surprise the students on the first day of school. See here.
  • Dove was featured in a Metro Parent article (FOR FREE!) featuring Renee Wendt. Read it here.
  • Ivywood was mentioned in MAPSA’s most recent press release announcing new charter schools. Read it here.
  • BCMA’s teacher Natasha was featured in the Second Wave article about loving Battle Creek. Read it here.
  • Ivywood was mentioned in the Detroit News article about new schools opening. See here.
  • The preschool at WMAES was featured on Maranda. Watch the segment here.
  • TOPSA had a visit from State Representative Jon Bustead to deliver backpacks too. See here.