FCMA Coming Together to Celebrate a Day of Peace

Four Corners Montessori Academy (FCMA) will celebrated International Day of Peace (IDP) on Friday, Sept. 20. Each year the official IDP or “Peace Day” is celebrated on Sept. 21. In 1981, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly established IDP to promote worldwide peace and encourage everyone to work together in order to achieve this goal on a shared date.

To commemorate the ideals of peace, the staff and students at FCMA will be crafting peace pinwheels, and forming a human peace sign outside of the school. While standing in the human peace sign, students will then sing the peace song and place their pinwheels in the ground to leave the peace sign outside all day.

“Peace education is a big part of the curriculum at FCMA, so we are so thrilled to celebrate Peace Day,” said FCMA headmaster, Chris Schoenherr. “It is a great opportunity to come together as a school community to show our support for worldwide peace. It’s a simple gesture, but we believe it can make a difference.”

The UN invites everyone to honor the day through education and public awareness on matters related to peace.