One-Week Internship Program Takes Learning Beyond The Classroom

Hands-On Experience Helps Middle School Students Discover The Connections Between Their Education and Their Future

Middle school students at Four Corners Montessori Academy (FCMA) in Madison Heights, Michigan are getting a taste of professional life by participating in a one-week Internship Program, April 25th through April 29th, 2016. For the second straight year, FCMA is collaborating with businesses, organizations, schools and local district courts to provide opportunities for 7th and 8th grade students. Students will job shadow for one week throughout FCMA and at business locations in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties; bringing real world experience into the classroom.

These one-week, unpaid internships are an integral part of FCMA’s Career Development Program. In preparation for internships, students learn professional resumé and cover letter writing, effective communication skills, and interview techniques through business professionals. Students then contact potential employers to secure internships.

This year, businesses that have partnered with FCMA to mentor 8th grade students include: Royal Oak District Court, Pro Tech Auto Services, Hengst Automotive, Orvis, Northeast Auto Service, New York Burgers and Grill, House of the Messiah, Ferndale Public Library, Edamame Nu Sushi, Serenity Animal Hospital, Leon and Lulu, Abrakadoodle Art Studio, Green Garden Child Development Center, Montessori Stepping Stone, Oakland Troy Airport, Blumz Florist, and Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. Seventh graders are working onsite, within the classrooms and offices of FCMA. Supervisor evaluations and daily student reflections will provide a closer look at the real world and educational impact that these internships provide.

“We know we have something very special within our FCMA community. The support for this internship program from our community and the connections our students were willing and able to make in preparation for this program will go a long way as they continue to grow into responsible, independent citizens of our world,” said FCMA Middle School teacher, Nicholas Kaltz.

Continued success in a constantly changing global market demands planning for the future and right now our future employees, employers, and customers are sitting in a classroom. The goal of FCMA’s hands-on program is to expand students’ knowledge about the business world, inspiring them to become career-focused as they begin making college and career path decisions.

FCMA Middle School teacher, Meghan Vandenplas believes that “making positive impressions with employers this early in life gives our students a competitive advantage as they progress toward their long-term professional goals and aspirations.” The internships show students first-hand the importance of their education and raise awareness of the skills that are critical to success.