Power of One Awards 2015

Each year, Choice presents the The Power of One Award to one staff member at each school.

Winners are nominated by their colleagues as someone who always goes above and beyond, is a team member, and an inspiration to others. Choice knows one person is capable of significantly influencing their school community and chooses to honor the selected employee’s impact. We are thrilled to celebrate this year’s winners!

Shaya Helbig
2nd Grade Teacher
Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

The presence of Shaya Helbig’s character speaks loud, earning the respect of her peers, students, and parents. Colleagues say that Mrs. Helbig has improved student learning at BHCSA. She goes above and beyond any responsibilities she has and works hard to help her students succeed. She teaches using the motto, “What they believe; they can achieve.”

Sara Fields
Kindergarten Teacher
Bradford Academy

Sara Fields demonstrates what is means to be a Bradford teacher. She cares tremendously for her students and works diligently with the families as well. She gives guidance to new teachers; she takes on numerous leadership roles all while maintaining high achievement and excellence in her classroom.

Royce Kinniebrew
5th Grade Teacher
Bradford Academy

The time and effort that Royce Kinniebrew puts into his classrooms and after school programs is immesurable. He is always willing to go above and beyond for others. As a teacher and coach of the track and field team at BA, you can certainly tell the passion he has for wanting his students to succeed is tremendous!

Amanda Mabbott
Bradford Academy

Amanda Mabbott is not only a teacher, but she’s a friend, a counselor, a role model, and a mentor. Colleagues say that Amanda takes teaching very seriously and that her students are engaged in learning on a daily and hourly basis. She is the first one at BA every morning and the last to leave. She is truly dedicated, and such an inspiration to her staff!

Melissa Lopez
Title I Coordinator
Dove Academy

Her colleagues describe Melissa Lopez as a very hard worker who goes above and beyond for her students, staff members, and the school as a whole. She is always there to help others in need and does so with enthusiasm. Melissa is great with the children at Dove and has a loving personality.

Kenesha Douglas
Office Manager
Global Prep Academy

Kenesha Douglas has constantly taken on new responsibilities with ease and efficiency. She is welcoming and accommodating to students, staff, and families at Global Prep. She is not afraid to step in and handle situations outside of her daily duties. Colleagues say she is not only helpful but also passionate about her position at GPA.

Anita Brown
Office Manager
Morey Montessori Public School Academy

Anita Brown acted as a leader in a time of need at Morey Montessori Public School Academy. She is always there to help provide guidance and help for the school. “How she helps is almost unexplainable, words do not give justice,” said a colleague. She acts as a councilor, nurse, leader, secretary, friend, guide and inspirer!

Terry Treman
Social Studies Teacher
West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

As a co-worker, Terry Treman is a diligent, analytical, detail-oriented team player who is always willing to take on whatever needs to be done. Colleagues say that his ultimate goal of teaching middle school students is helping his students succeed. Whether coming in early or staying late, Terry is committed to the staff and students of WMAES!