Power of One Awards 2015

Each year, Choice presents the The Power of One Award to one staff member at each school.

Winners are nominated by their colleagues as someone who always goes above and beyond, is a team member, and an inspiration to others. Choice knows one person is capable of significantly influencing their school community and chooses to honor the selected employee’s impact. We are thrilled to celebrate this year’s winners!

Jessica Eldridge
Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Jessica Eldridge has shown dedication and leadership within Battle Creek Montessori Academy as well as within the surrounding community. She has been instrumental in growing the student population, recruiting staff, and supporting staff and parents. Jessica continues to step up when needed not only when teaching but with extra activities, but with community outreach as well.

Allison Goroni
Creative Montessori Academy

Allison Goroni has been portrayed as an individual who is selfless. Colleagues say that Allison is very dedicated as she attends all PLC meetings and offers her thoughts to other members. She is very supportive and is a true team player within Creative Montessori Academy.

Tim Wright
Creative Montessori Academy

Colleagues say that Tim Wright is always right there when you need him! He is always quick to help others and always does so with a smile. Colleagues say that Tim takes his job seriously and they all value his work ethic and appreciate his hard work and dedication. Tim makes Creative Montessori Academy a more beautiful place!

MelissaSu Smith
1st-3rd Grade Teacher
Four Corners Montessori Academy

MelissaSu Smith has been described as a driven and focused leader. Colleagues say that she is never one to complain, always comes to work with a smile, and handles difficult classroom situations with extreme professionalism and grace. Melissa does a wonderful job at inspiring others in the Character Education Program, community outreach for charity, and is always willing to share her ideas and materials with her colleagues!

Christian Guitierrez
Kids Club
Macomb Montessori Academy

Christian Guitierrez is known for being very dedicated and dependable. He is friendly, responsible, and does whatever it takes to help students! Christian is described as punctual, showing up to work everyday at 6:30 a.m. He is reliable in all that he does and parents speak very highly of him.

Jeannie Saint Dennis
Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change

Jeannie Saint Dennis’ colleagues describe her as being committed to ensuring that each and every student in her care has the tools they need to succeed. For all events and happenings within the school, Jeannie is characterized as being on target and on time. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, whether it is with students, other teachers, the PTO, or other families involved.

Michelle Nighbert
Program Director/Lead Teacher
Second Home Child Development Center

Michelle Nighbert is dedicated to her job as a lead teacher in addition to being the program director. She is described as always having something positive to say when addressing all situations. Many colleagues say that none of them would be there without her hard work and dedication.

Dana Johnson
Three Oaks Public School Academy

As a teacher who is said to exude passion and patience, Dana Johnson is a dedicated teacher who genuinely cares for her students. She goes above and beyond to help students succeed! Many of her collogues describe her as a leader of the school, someone you can depend on and a mentor to other teachers. Dana is an active member of the School Improvement Team, affiliated with the Math and ELA Coalition, and proctors the ELL tests.