School Spotlight: West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science (WMAES) is an academy that has been recognized for many accomplishments. There is a true passion at WMAES to create lifelong learners through environmental science and prominent character education. Children attending WMAES benefit from high academic standards, and innovative approaches to both teaching and learning. Students are able to utilize the 62-acre campus to further develop their ability to learn and grow!

WMAES is committed to all students achieving high academic standards. Our staff uses differentiated instruction to ensure our students are receiving interventions if struggling and being challenged if excelling. Hands on learning is used in all subject areas, but it is a priority in our environmental science curriculum. WMAES allows our students to explore to learn.

– Kerri Barrett

Steal a Peek at WMAES’ New Building Progress!

Crews began moving soil over a month ago in preparation of the new elementary building at WMAES. Over the past three weeks, the majority of the concrete perimeter has been poured. The steel frame of the building is being set in place as workers collaboratively construct the new addition.

Keep up with all of WMAES’ building updates on the WMAES Construction Blog >

Photo May 22, 4 31 11 PM Photo May 22, 4 41 56 PM

Photo May 22, 4 32 33 PM Photo May 22, 4 32 40 PM

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

WMAES graduates have accomplished many goals and much of what they set out to do, and yet they are starting at the beginning of a new chapter once more. Thursday, June 4 was a day of celebration as graduates of WMAES eagerly received their diplomas! Principal Morgan gave encouraging words of wisdom to students as they prepare to set forth on their next adventure. WMAES Eagles are now taking flight and leaving the nest as they embarked on their next journey. Congratulations to the class of 2015!

Accomplishment [uh-kom-plish-muh nt] 

There are many different words in the dictionary to describe what accomplishment is. To WMAES, this definition goes above and beyond the meaning of achievement or success. This is a bookmark in the pages of WMAES history, a feeling of hard work that has paid off but knows no end. It is a considerable amount of pride and belief in the students, staff, families, and members of the WMAES community. WMAES has been honored with being the #3 Charter High School in Michigan, #47 High School in the state of Michigan, and #7 Charter School in Michigan, up from #8 in 2014.

Medal of Merit

Each year members of congress award seniors in their congressional district for outstanding academic performance, participation in extra curricular activities and demonstration of the forefront of character. WMAES is proud to recognize Valentina Garcia as a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Merit by Congressman Justin Amash. Garcia is a member of National Honor Society and is the Valedictorian of her class. Congratulations, Valentina!

Valentina Garcia received the Congressional Medal of Merit by Congressman Justin Amash.