Creating An Effective Online Campaign

Interacting with your audience is one of the most important things you can do on your social media platform! Also up there, in terms of importance, is providing new and shareable content. Be a resource and an interactive space for current and prospective parents alike to access new and exciting information… and hopefully share it!

So what exactly is involved with creating a social media campaign, you ask? Campaigns don’t need to be lengthy or strenuous, but instead should be easy to “digest!” Below are four tips to creating and maintaining a social media campaign.

  1. Every Campaign Has a Purpose: What are you trying to achieve with your campaign? Are you trying to recruit students, inform parents, liven up the social scene, or just have a fun conversation online with your families? Every post should have a purpose!
  2. What is your Timeline: Campaign timelines vary depending on your campaign’s purpose. As a rule of thumb, campaigns should be no shorter than a week. Ideally, you also don’t want your campaigns to be too long (no more than three months), as the audience will likely lose interest or become lost as the campaign goes on. Factor in how often you plan on posting… daily, weekly, multiple times a day? Tailor your posts to reach your audience during high traffic times!
  3. Choose a Catchy and Relevant Theme: Campaigns should have a focus. If there’s an upcoming holiday or day of celebration, create a catchy theme! Or, if you want to narrow your campaign and focus on a movement or activity, channel the theme to fit that.
  4. Know the Rules and Regulations of Facebook: You will want to know the key Facebook restrictions. Do your images have less than 20% text on them? What size is your graphic? Will it stretch and look askew? A 2014 study showed that consumers doubled their sharing activity on a mobile device. Make sure your images and messaging work for mobile!

Perhaps you’re stuck, and that’s understandable! Pay attention to what other companies are doing. Say a popular vehicle company is having the campaign Ride to Live, Live to Ride… how can you play off that as a school? Try… Learn to Live, Live to Learn.

What to do now? Find your purpose and create a social media campaign around that purpose. Boost your likes, interactions, and the “good vibes” of your page all with one campaign! Oh, and follow our Facebook page to get daily tips and tricks and be sure to sign up for the newsletter.