Three Oaks Has Been Authorized!

Exciting news at Three Oaks Public School Academy! We were recently reauthorized for eight more years! This means our authorizer, Bay Mills, sees the value that Three Oaks is providing to their students and community. This is the second eight-year reauthorization Three Oaks has received – which is a really big honor and quite rare. 

“We get to continue to serve and provide opportunities for our Muskegon area kids,” said Principal Monecia Vasbinder. “Our goal is to make an impact in our community and fulfill the needs of our students. We offer something different to our area students. Our teachers pride themselves on individualizing their approaches for each student.”

The reauthorization was a team effort. The school board, area superintendent, and both school leaders presented to Bay Mills on the work that’s being done at Three Oaks. Information regarding academic performance and annual testing was shared.

“We have an amazing school board – they truly all have a heart for kids,” said Mrs. Vasbinder. “They are very invested and they always make sure Three Oaks has everything they need to succeed. Together we believe we have to continuously improve or we don’t deserve to be here.” 

Three Oaks opened its doors in 2003 and is currently reauthorized to serve their community through July of 2029. 

Board of Directors:
Lynn Young, President
Todd Smith, Vice President
James Crocker, Treasurer

Area Superintendent:
Laura Moellering, Choice Schools Associates

School Leaders:
Monecia Vasbinder, Principal
Jared Meldrum, Assistant Principal