Choice Schools acts as the superintendent's office, providing a full range and scope of functions for school operations including finance, compliance, marketing, human resources, curriculum and professional development for our school partners.


Photo of Choice Schools Associates Central Office staff members posing during the 2022 Choice Serves event at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

Choice Serves 2022 – Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

September 1, 2022
Earlier this summer, around 25 central office staff members participated in our annual Choice Serves Day, an initiative that Choice Schools started to give back to our school communities. We work closely with our schools, and this is one way…
Photo of Alan Bosker Holding a sign with a quote from Warren Bennis that reads, "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Choice Schools Associates’ 2021/22 Leader of the Year – Alan Bosker

August 31, 2022
“The person who wins this year’s award for Leadership of Excellence is someone who elevates every single situation that they’re in. They see a problem and they solve it, so I am very proud to honor Alan Bosker.” – Sarah…
Teaching After Retirement

Miss Being in a Classroom? How to Continue Teaching After Retirement

July 29, 2022
It can feel rewarding to retire, but for people who carry a passion for teaching and positively influencing the lives of others, it doesn’t need to mean an end to teaching. If you’re a retired teacher who has thought about…

Our partners’ perspective

When we hired Choice it was like a light bulb turned on. They are extremely supportive of our vision and allow us to be who we want to be while providing the foundational support for our students, staff and school community success. We would not be where we are today without
Choice Schools."

- Susie Schlehuber, Founder and School Leader at Lake Superior Academy

Choice Schools has created and implemented a vision for every child to learn and grow based on his/her needs. They have instilled this mission in their educators, who strive every day to provide the tools for students to reach their full, unique, and empowered potential and purpose.”

– Lisa Gillon, Principal at Livingston Classical Academy

I have worked with Choice Schools Associates for the last 13 years. The service and support that Choice provides its leaders and schools is top notch. They have figured out a successful formula to support the schools in each facet of operation - human resources, finance, operations, and curriculum and instruction. Their support allows me to focus on the daily operation of my school.”

– Terry Larkin, principal at New Branches Charter School Academy

I could not be happier, prouder, more grateful, amazed, awestruck and relieved by our decision to partner with Choice Schools Associates to operate Ivywood Classical Academy. What an adventure this school has been. Every curveball that came our way we managed to HIT OUT OF THE PARK, thanks to our amazing partnership we have built with Choice. I recommend Choice Schools to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy, competitive, experienced, and mission-driven organization. They are simply the best.”  

- Tyler Horning, Founder and Board President at Ivywood Classical Academy