Three Oaks Public School Academy



Grades: Kindergarten – 6th
Current Enrollment (as of October 2018): 341
Authorizer: Bay Mills Community College
Year Established: 2003
Managed by Choice since: 2003
Number of Employees: 45+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 97%
Latest Charter Renewal: 2013
Year of renewal: 2021
Area Superintendent: Laura Moellering

After more than five years of research, planning and development by educators and parents, Three Oaks Public School Academy opened in 2003 with 90 students and now houses over 300 students.

At Three Oaks Public School, the educational program is designed to provide students with academic knowledge, skills, and attitudes to exceed performance and behavior measures established by the Academy Board, to give staff parameters in which to perform their responsibilities, and to provide parents and the general public with information on the specialized instructional program of the Academy and the achievement of its students.

Engaged. Empowered. Excellence.

Contact: 1212 Kingsley Street, Muskegon, MI 49442
Phone: 231-767-3365 | Fax: 231-777-9815