Livingston Classical Academy

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Grades: K – 12th
Authorizer: Whitmore Lake Public Schools
Year Established: 2015
Managed by Choice since: 2019
Latest Charter Renewal: N/A
Year of renewal: 2026
Area Superintendent: Kurt Naber
School Leader: Lisa Gillon

Livingston Classical Academy in Whitmore Lake exists as a tuition-free public school to educate youth on our nation’s founding principles and empowers them, as free citizens, to pursue a virtuous life of happiness and excellence.

All students benefit from the highest standards of academic integrity and from a rigorous, content rich, educational program that develops their intellectual capacity, personal character, and leadership skills. The school provides an environment that fosters academic excellence through the habit of discipline and thoroughness, the willingness to work, and the perseverance to complete difficult tasks. Through a defined traditional, classical curriculum, students will be prepared to become active and responsible leaders and members of their community.

Contact: 8877 Main St. Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
Phone: 734-449-2052