Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change





PreK – 8th
Authorizer: Ferris State University
Year Established: 2013
Managed by Choice since: 2013
Latest Charter Renewal: 2023
Year of renewal: 2030
Area Superintendent: Ali DuBois
School Leader: Brad Coon

The mission of Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change is to prepare students to be academically and environmentally excellent for sustained success in a global economy.

The Academy will sharpen critical thinking skills of its students through learning that remains relevant, active, environmentally focused, and globally mindful. The vision of MMAEC is to enhance student health and learning while conserving natural resources and empowering students to develop sustainable behaviors, enabling them to become stewards of the future.

At Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change (MMAEC) the world is their guidebook. Science and nature guide children at MMAEC to experience learning. What makes them great is our belief that children thrive because we allow their learning to expand to endless possibilities – becoming an individualized learning path for each student.

What better way to learn about water filtration than helping revitalize rivers? Learning may begin in the classroom, but our students move from desks to dirt, planting seeds in soil, and tending to our gardens to see what happens afterward. Children who are naturally drawn to science will thrive there through a complete, fully accredited Montessori-based education, which is firmly grounded in the disciplines and rewards of science.

Contact: 2950 McCracken St., Norton Shores, MI 49441
Phone: 231-766-7500 | Fax: 231-766-7215