Bradford Academy




Grades: PreK – 12th
Current Enrollment (as of October 2018): 1421
Authorizer: Bay Mills Community College
Year Established: 2003
Managed by Choice since: 2010
Number of Employees: 160+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 76%
Latest Charter Renewal: 2016
Year of renewal: 2024
Area Superintendent: HS- Laura Moellering Lower El - Chris Ruiter

Established in 2003, Bradford Academy is a tuition-free public school serving children in grades K-12.

Bradford offers a Character Education Program, assessments of student learning styles, and highly qualified teachers. Outside of the classroom, Bradford offers K-4 athletic training and 5-12 athletic teams, robotics, future cities, Junior National and National Honor Society, and much more. Bradford Academy has much to offer students of all backgrounds and talents. At Bradford, all children are provided with the opportunities and resources to achieve academic success. Here, excellence in education and character is the expectation.

24218 Garner St., Southfield, MI 48033
Phone: 248-351-0000 | Fax: 248-356-4770